War cry!

War cry! Our hearts lift up tonight.

Our battle song, our prayer, our plea. Destroy the enemy from under our feet.


Raging storm, sea builds high. The tide has come in, a tsunami representing our fight.


We won’t go down in silence. We will step up to the plate.

Everything that is in us is because  you made us great!


We place before you every prayer we have.

We know you listen to, everyone one of us, it has already been said.


So Lord, I declare now that health is for us all.

That new horizons will manifest because you loved us before the fall.


Your goodness triumphs evil, your victorious in every situation.

So lets not stop singing your true Kingdom’s proclamations.


Justice is a foundation to your throne, a righteousness we pursue.  Because your name is to be known, your freedom for us too!



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