Just today

Today my head is full of lead, I can barely tread so I’ve taken to my bed. I try to meditate but my mind is full of hesitate. I thought all these daily affirmations would heal my problems, but now I’m burned out trying so hard to navigate. I have this condition and am grateful for the days of remission, but today my mind fogs and my breath feels clogged. Today I just rest and stay safe instead. A rest day isn’t a failure, it’s a recuperation, to stand again and go forward. How can one man have this much power? he’s caused so much pain and now I have to rebuild my life, all over again! Today, just today, I take to my bed. Today, just today, I rest instead.

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  1. Hi Tracey,

    Bless you for this. It shows how taking a rest is sometimes the right thing to do – something I needed reminding of. So your rest day has stimulated creativity, and blessed others with your meditation. ☺

    I bless you in your recovery, in the name of Jesus.

    Jo xx

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